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Who’s the Greatest Doctor Who Fan?

This quiz has been written by Honor – an 11 year old Doctor Who fanatic.

Question 1

Clara Oswald aka Jenna Coleman

Where does the Doctor's companion, Clara Oswald come from?

Question 2

Who currently commands U.N.I.T. ?

Question 3

Davros meets Doctor Who

Who created the Dalek race?

Question 4

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor Who

What is the most iconic line of the 11th Doctor?

Question 5

the tardis

What does TARDIS stand for?

Question 6

Inside the Tardis

What gender is the TARDIS ?

Question 7

The Doctor's daughter is called...

Question 8


What is 'Dalek' an anagram for?

Question 9

Doctor Who collection

Who is the longest serving Doctor?

Question 10

In which year was the first episode of Doctor Who broadcast?



If you do not UPGRADE your knowledge, you will be DELETED!

You'll Get There!

Keep watching Doctor Who. Get the episode up and DON'T BLINK. Blink and you're DEAD. Good luck!

You are the new who!

You are the ultimate Whovian. Nothing, not even poor wi-fi, will stop you from re-watching all the series of Doctor Who.

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