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Top 10 Spring Films


Here’s our pick of the Top 10 Spring films brought to you in association with our friends at Pearl & Dean. Enjoy…




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10. Fast & Furious 7


If you’re a fan of bald men, fast cars, punchy ladies and outlandish stunts, then you’ll be first in line to see Fast & Furious 7. Vin Diesel and the gang are back to take down über baddie Jason Statham. Preposterous plotting married with huge noisy eplosions. Adults may need earplugs and patience but kids will love it. Click for trailer…


furious 7


9. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2


Who knew this would spawn a fanchise? Anyway, the bumbling but well-meaning mall cop, played by Kevin James, returns to attend a Security Guard Expo in Las Vegas. The bad news is a heist is underway, but the good news is Blart is on hand with a team of unlikely heroes. Good natured comedy. Click here for the trailer.


Paul Blart Mall Cop 2



8. The Avengers – Age of Ultron


After the Avenger made $1.5 billion it seemed rude not to make a sequel. So here it is The Avengers – Age of Ultron which sees Hulk, Iron Man , Thor, Captain America, the one in the jumpsuit and the one with arrows saving us puny humans from an evil artificial intelligence designed by Stark. CGI destrucion on a huge scale interspersed with a sharp script and strong performances make this loud, predictable family fun. Click here for an awesome trailer.


avengers 2


7. Two By Two


Animated fun in the shape of Two by Two which tells the story of two young animals – one called a Nestrian and once called a Grymp – who fall of Noah’s Ark. Don’t let the fact these species don’t exist put you off – nobody drowns!


noah 2 by 2



6. Pitch Perfect 2


Pitch Perfect 2 is the much anticiapated and cleverly titled Pitch Perfect sequel and see the Barden Bellas enter an international acappella competition which has never been one by an American team. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson reprise their roles as do the rest of the gang and there’s lots of singing of course and lots of jokes that older kids will understand and enjoy, Yup, parents –  this is a solid certificate 12. As the trailer shows.


pitch perfect 2


5. Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland teams up-and-coming actress Britt Robertson as a teenager bursting with scientific curiosity who meets a former boy genius inventor (a very grizzled George Clooney). A strange pin that transports people though time and space kicks off an unforgettable adventure. Looks lots of fun and our favourite trailer so far. Click here to watch.




4. Moomins on The Riviera


Moomins on the Riviera is another cartoon movie aimed at slightly younger children. Discover what happens when the Moomins leave MoominValley, travel to the South of France and  encounter love and wealth. Click here for trailer.




moomins riviera



3. The Cobbler


Ever heard the expression, ‘yo know somebody you have to walk in their shoes’? Well this Adam Sandler comedy, The Cobbler, takes that idea and runs with it  – big time!

Sandler plays a frustrated shoemaker who finds a magical sewing machine in his basemnen which allows him to take on the appearance of anyone if he puts on their shoes. Not his worst movie but sadly not his best. Good for a rainy day. Click here for trailer.


The Cobbler Adam Sandler


2. Jurassic World


Well it took it’s time (about 350million years) but Jurrasic World has finally arrived! Twenty-two years after the mayhem of Jurassic Park the Dinosau theme park has opened but after a decent run the visitor numbers start to dwindle.

So someone has the bright idea of creating a new mega-dinosaur to bring in the punters. But we all know what happens when you meddle with Mother Nature in the park….and if you don’t the trailer gives you a clue.


Jurassic park 2


1. Minions


Finally Minions competes our list. This spin-off/preques to the Despicable Me movies finds everyone’s favourite yellow creatures on the desperate hunt for a baddie to serve.

Step forward Scarlett Overkill a woman on a mission to become the worlds first female supervillain. Is this marriage made in heaven or is all hell about to break loose?

A favourite with kids and adults alike. And if the trailer is anything to go by – this is definite must-see. Watch it here.


minions film


 icon-star New Star Wars Trailer   icon-star


The new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released this week and it’s epic. Christmas can’t come soon enough as far as we’re concerned. Click here for awesomeness.


new star wars

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