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Imagine if Netflix was just for kids and offered more than streaming videos… well new children’s app Azoomee is exactly that! Enjoy the best kids’ TV shows, games and audiobooks in one safe app.


Everything on Azoomee has been chosen by a team of experts to ensure that each video, game and audiobook is safe and age-appropriate. The service is BAFTA-nominated and there is absolutely no advertising or in-app purchases, so safe entertainment with no unexpected credit card bills!


Azoomee proudly supports the NSPCC and donates a proportion of every paid subscription to the charity.


Azoomee is available in the UK on any Android or iOS mobile device. Download today for your free trial.


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Calypso (11) and Lydia (11) – <strong><span style=Red Level " />
Calypso (11) and Lydia (11) – Red Level 
Tris (13) – <strong><span style=Red Level " />
Tris (13) – Red Level 

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